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Thomas & Jennifer McIntyre's Testimony

God Answers Prayer

Jennifer - I grew up in this church. When I was younger, I had planned on going into journalism after graduating from college. But God had other plans for me. During my senior year of college, He called me to consider doing missions, and I ended up going to Taiwan for 3 years as a single missionary. During that time, I felt God calling me to make a greater commitment to missions, but I was very afraid. I was afraid of not getting married, because it's pretty difficult to find a husband who would want to go into missions, especially to Taiwan. I was also unsure of how I would pay for seminary, because our missions organization requires long-term missionaries to have a seminary degree. I figured that if I went to seminary, I would have a lot of debt to pay off before I could return to the missions field. So people prayed for me for several years as I considered God's call. Many people were praying that I would find a boyfriend interested in missions!

Thomas - Meanwhile, I was in seminary in Orlando, FL. I was required to do an internship, and since I wanted to be a missionary, I decided to find an internship overseas. Eventually, I found an opportunity to work at an international church in Taipei. Before I left the USA, a friend gave me an article from Christianity Today by a woman named Jennifer Su, describing Christian ministry in Taiwan. I was excited to read about ministry to the country I was about to go to! I just figured Jennifer Su was a little old lady! 

A few weeks later I arrived in Taipei and was serving at the church. A beautiful young woman came up to me and was talking about her ministry in Taipei. I told her, "Wow, your ministry sounds really interesting. Actually, I just read an article about what you are describing recently in a magazine." She responded, "That's because I wrote the article!" So, to make a long story short, we fell in love and married a year later. Jennifer moved back to the States to join me in seminary in Florida. Once we were married, she qualified for a spouse scholarship that allowed her to get a two year master's degree for completely free! So God answered her prayers by providing me as her husband and also providing for her financial needs to go to seminary.



蘇慧芬 -- 我是在這個教會裡長大的。在我的青少年時代,我計劃在大學畢業後去做記者,但神為我準備了一個不同的計劃。在大學四年級時﹐神呼召,讓我考慮做宣教工作,結果我獨自一人到臺灣做了三年宣教工作。在這期間﹐我感受到神的呼召﹐讓我更多地投入到宣教工作中。但我很擔心,我擔心我不能結婚。因為要找一個願意去傳教,特別是到台灣去的丈夫不是件很容易的事。同時我也不知道怎麼付上神學院的學費,因為我們的傳教組織要求長期從事宣教工作的人必須要有神學學位。我想如果我上神學院的話,在回去傳教以前我將會背上一大筆債。所以當我考慮神的呼召時,大家為我禱告了好幾年,很多人為我禱告,讓我能找到一個願意傳教的男朋友!

馬台恩 -- 與此同時﹐我在佛羅里達州的奧蘭多市上神學院, 我必須去實習一段時間。因為我想做一個傳教士,我就決定到海外找個實習機會。最後我找到一個在臺北的國際教會實習的機會。在我離開美國之前,我的一位朋友給我一份<<今日基督教>>,其上有一篇署名珍妮花.蘇(慧芬)女士的文章,寫的是關于台灣的基督教宣教工作。我很激動地讀了這篇文章,因為那它是關于我要去的地方的宣教活動!當時我猜想珍妮花.蘇女士大概是個小老太太!

幾個禮拜後我到了臺北並在教會裡服事。一位美麗的姑娘走到我跟前和我談起了她在臺北的宣教工作,我告訴她﹕“哇﹐你的宣教聽起來很有意思。其實,我最近剛在一份雜志上讀了一篇文章,講的和你描述的很象。” 她答道:“那是因為那篇文章就是我寫的!” 所以,長話短說,我們相愛了,一年以後結婚, 慧芬回到美國和我一起在佛羅里達州上神學院。我們一結婚,她就可以作為家屬而獲得2年碩士學位獎學金完全免費上神學院!所以神聽到了禱告﹐讓我成了她的丈夫同時滿足了她上神學院的經濟需要。

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Weekly Bible Verse 金句

金句﹕ 约翰福音 15:5

我是葡萄树, 你们是枝子;常在我里面的, 我也常在他里面, 这人就多结果子。因为离了我, 你们就不能做什么。

Gold Verse: John 15:5

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

每日讀經: 從创世纪第29章開始讀7章。

Daily Bible Readings: 7 chapters starting from Genesis chapter 29.